• To guide others towards a deeper connection to nature and one's own sense of inner knowing through earth living skills.
  • To mentor others by nurturing and encouraging their respective passions and innate curiosities.
  • To empower others to embody the meaning of the term "rewild".
  • To raise awareness about the value of sprouting food, lacto-fermentation and the proper preparation of various kinds of foods for optimal digestion and nutritional assimilation.
  • To raise awareness of the benefits of bone broths, nose-to-tail eating and organ meats.
  • To explore and demonstrate bush cooking techniques where appropriate
  • To deliver wholesome, vibrant and living foods for workshops and retreats.

Ei's Story

My journey towards nature has taken me to many wonderful and often unexpected places.  From the city to the bush, the mountains to the ocean.

In 2008 I began my rewilding path in earnest whilst living in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  I began spending my spare time harvesting weaving materials from the front of shopping centres, learning the edible parts of ornamental garden plants and tanning hides in the backyard

During this time I also began a digestive health healing journey that introduced me to the work of Dr Weston A. Price and his findings on the value of traditional nutrition.

In 2014, after experiencing a great deal of digestive improvement and having learnt what I could about plants uses and permaculture from my job as Produce Manager at a retail plant nursery,  I said goodbye to the city and dedicated my life to learning and teaching these rewilding and renourishing skills.

ReNourish ReWild is the culmination of my life's work to guide others towards a real connection towards nature, healing through nourishing food and deep personal transformation in the process.

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